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    Finding a reliable and reputable foundation repair contractor in Pearland can be a challenge. The most important quality a homeowner should ask about are:

    1. Experience – Does the contractor have at least 10 years of service in the area?

    2. Quality Repair Method – Does the contractor use a cheap, one-day, repair method (low quality) or a Permanent and High Quality repair method known as Bell Bottom Piers?

    3. Confidence and Belief in Their Work Performance – Virtually all foundation repair contractors use “Mandatory Arbitration” clauses in their contracts to protect themselves from sloppy and poor quality work.  Homeowners who sign these contracts are forfeiting their right to sue the contractor and must deal with an “arbitration company” that is hired by the foundation company.  On a national level consumer LOSE more than 90% of Mandatory Arbitration cases.  There is no requirement for the arbitration company to explain their decision and there is  no appeal – and no right to sue in a court of  law.

    Bell Bottom Piers have a one hundred year history and is the primary construction method used to build and install foundation supports for bridges and highway overpasses.  It is a time-tested and proven foundation repair method.  It requires more time, more labor, more concrete, and more steel rebar.  But it is permanent.

    Bell Bottom Piers are built as a single unit and are much stronger than pushed piles. Bell Bottom Piers have a larger footprint for greater stability and can bear 5 to 10 times more weight.
    Bell Bottom Pier vs Pushed Piles

    When should I request a free foundation inspection?

    You should request a foundation inspection if you see any of the following warning signs of foundation problems:

    • Cracks above Interior Doors and Windows
    • Outside Cracks in the Bricks
    • Floor Cracks
    • Plumbing Issues Under Slab Foundation
    • Slanting Floors
    • Water Pooling around Foundation Perimeter
    • Audible Cracking after Rain (soil expansion)
    • Separation of Brick from Window Frames
    • Bowing of Brick Wall

    Why is a foundation inspection so important?

    It is important to educate homeowners so they understand what is happening to their home and property. 

    The primary culprit is clay soils.  Clay soils comprise much of the soil of the eastern half of Texas and it is a challenge to build any structure on top of these soils because they continually expand and contract with changes in moisture levels.  When it rains the clay soils “absorb” water and expand dramatically.  When drought or extended periods of dry, hot weather are present the clay soils lose much of their moisture and contract dramatically. 

    This loss of volume or shrinkage in the soils will create voids under and around the perimeter foundation beam. The result is that a section of the foundation and / or perimeter foundation beam has no support – it is “hanging in the air.”  When too much of the beam and / or foundation has lost its support it will crack and fall (settlement) until it finds support for its weight. This support is the shrunken clay soil underneath.

    A reputable foundation contractor can help residential and commercial property owners with all types of foundations including slab on grade (concrete slab), post-tension, and pier & beam. Ask the contractor about  his company’s years of experience, the insurance coverage for the workers, the Mandatory Arbitration clause in the contract, and more.

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