Frequently Asked Questions About Foundation Repair

What does it cost for foundation repair?

There are a number of factors that will determine the cost of foundation repair. The decision regarding the method of foundation repair to be used will be one of the biggest factors of overall cost.

There are low cost / low quality and higher cost / high quality methods available. Please keep in mind that “you get what you pay for.”

If you want a Permanent and High Quality Foundation Repair then it will cost more. If you want a quick and low cost (low quality) – and usually temporary – repair job then it will usually include forfeiting your right to sue the contractor for shoddy work or a failed foundation repair job (Mandatory Arbitration). The major factors influencing the cost are:

  • Method of Repair that is selected
  • Area of the Slab that needs support and re-leveling
  • Condition of the under slab plumbing before and after foundation leveling
  • Quality and Longevity of the Contractor
Is the method of foundation repair important?

Yes. Like most things and services we buy there is a range of quality. This is true with foundation repair. The lowest quality foundation repair is a column of unconnected concrete cylinders (pushed piles) usually installed by inexperienced workers with no insurance. The Highest Quality Foundation Repair is a hole drilled into the ground, a bell-shaped foot hollowed out at the bottom, and filled with concrete and steel rebar. This is known as the drilled pier or bell bottom pier method and is completed by highly experienced crews working for a company with a long history of success.

Why is my house developing cracks on the inside and outside?

Soil Movement. The clay soils underneath and surrounding the perimeter are expanding and contracting in volume with changes in moisture content. So there is an annual or seasonal process of expansion and contraction which put tremendous stresses on a concrete slab foundation. When the physical stress of the soil movement is greater than the strength of the foundation slab then failure or damage will occur.

How long does it take to complete a foundation repair job?

This depends on the desired quality of the repair job and the size of the job. Most low quality foundation repair methods can be completed in less than one day. However, a high quality foundation repair method is a permanent solution and will require one or two days of installation, two weeks for concrete to cure, and a day to level the structure.

Why do almost ALL contractors have mandatory arbitration in their contracts?

Because most foundation contractors wish to eliminate their customers’ ability to sue for shoddy work and sub-standard, temporary, and failed foundation repair work. Mandatory Arbitration is a scam and heavily favors the business, not the consumer. Please read more about how few rights consumers have in Mandatory Arbitration.

What is a pile and what is a pier?

A pile is a concrete cylinder, usually 12 inches in length and 6 inches in diameter. Sometimes there is a hole running through the center of the cylinder in an attempt to keep the cylinders aligned during and/or after installation. Piles are used in various “pushed pile” foundation repair methods.

A pier is usually a drilled hole in the ground that is filled with concrete and steel rebar. They are commonly built as support columns for bridges and highway overpasses. They are monolithic (one piece), very strong, and have the ability to support very heavy loads. When the bottom of the pier hole is hollowed-out in the shape of a bell then the pier has a much larger footprint which adds to its stability and weight bearing capability.

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