Methods of Foundation Repair

Most homeowners are NOT aware of the quality differences of common home foundation repair methods that are available in Pearland and throughout Texas. The most common repair method used by almost all foundation contractors is the “Pushed Piles” method.  There are various versions of the this method but all of them are low quality repair methods.

Pushed Piles

The Pushed Piles method is quick, has low material costs, and is very profitable for the foundation contractor. In addition, this method has multiple limitations and disadvantages as a foundation repair method. See one major disadvantage in the photo below.

Pressed Piles are subjected to tremendous pressure during installation and some of the concrete cylinders break during installation.
Two of these pushed piles broke during the first step of the hydraulic installation. One of the significant disadvantages of this repair method is that there is NO ABILITY to verify that the column of pushed piles is vertical or if any of the underground piles have been crushed or severely damaged.

What Independent Structural Engineers Think Of Pushed Piles

The independent structural engineers at A-1 Engineering have described this method as “one of the most useless and ineffective types of foundation repairs or foundation stabilization that you can get.” And in the image below they say this repair system will “almost always be temporary”.

The independent structural engineers at A-1 Engineering have stated that the Pushed Pile Foundation Repair system will almost always be temporary.

Conclusion: Don’t use Concrete Press Piles Foundation Repair – this is the link to the conclusion on A-1 Engineering’s website

In addition, foundation contractors that use the Pushed Piles method do not have confidence in their work and their contracts prohibit customers from suing them for shoddy work or failed foundation repairs. Their customers must forfeit their right to sue and must use Mandatory Arbitration in a dispute.  Mandatory Arbitration is very heavily weighted in favor of the business and the consumer has no right of appeal and limited due process. Businesses win Mandatory Arbitration cases more than 90% of the time.  That means the consumer loses more than 9 times out of 10. Does that sound like a fair deal to you?

Bell Bottom Piers

The Bell Bottom Pier repair method is the Highest Quality Foundation Repair method available in Pearland. It has multiple advantages when compared to other repair methods.  Some of these advantages are:This is a diagram of a standard Bell Bottom Pier and some of its construction advantages.

  • Permanent
  • Proven and Time-Tested (100 years)
  • Stronger – Monolithic (single piece construction)
  • Excavation Can be Inspected prior to Concrete Pour
  • Large Footprint for Stability
  • Bell Bottoms Resist Uplift
  • Entire Pier Provides Support and Resists Settlement
  • Factor of Safety (can support 5-10 times the necessary weight)

Bell Bottom Piers are constructed the “old-fashioned” way – very similar to the way structural concrete columns are built for highways and bridges.  A hole is excavated and then filled with concrete and steel rebar. In addition, for a Bell Bottom Pier a belling tool is used to enlarge the base of the column so that it will provide additional stability and support many times the necessary weight.

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Graphic Illustration of a Bell Bottom Pier

This is a diagram of the front and side views of a Bell Bottom Pier that is installed for support under home concrete foundations in Fort Bend County.

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